Similac Neosure - 375gm x 1tin

Similac Neosure is a nutrient enriched formula with for babies born prematurely. It's designed to help babies catch up who didn't get the full nine months in the womb. Preterm infants fed Similac NeoSure Formula through the first year of life showed significantly increased lean body mass and less fat mass at 12 months corrected age. The OptiGRO blend consists of DHA for brain and eye development, lutein to support eye health and vitamin E to support developing cells to support growth during the baby's first year. Neosure has increase protein and calories, 22 calories a fluid ounce, for baby's growth as well. Calcium and phosphorus is added for baby's growing bones. Fats are a key component of Neosure and 25 percent of the fat blend are medium-chain triglycerides, an easily digested and well-absorbed fat source.
Supplier Abott
Package Type Tin