Duotrav Bak-Free 2

Duotrav Eye Drops contain two active ingredients, travoprost and timolol, that lower the pressure in the eye. Duotrav Eye Drops lower the pressure within the eye by two processes. They improve the flow of fluid from your eye(s) (travoprost) and decrease the production of fluid (timolol). Although Duotrav Eye Drops help to control your glaucoma they do not cure it. Travoprost, a prostaglandin F2α analogue, is a full agonist which is highly selective and has a high affinity for the prostaglandin FP receptor, and reduces the intraocular pressure by increasing the outflow of aqueous humour via trabecular meshwork and uveoscleral pathways. Reduction of IOP in man starts within approximately 2 hours after administration and maximum effect is reached after 12 hours. Significant lowering of intraocular pressure can be maintained for periods exceeding 24 hours with a single dose. Timolol is a non-selective adrenergic blocking agent that has no intrinsic sympathomimetic, direct myocardial depressant or membrane-stabilising activity. Tonography and fluorophotometry studies in man suggest that its predominant action is related to reduced aqueous humour formation and a slight increase in outflow facility
Generic Name Travoprost + Timolol
Supplier Alcon
Package Type Eye drop
Package Size 2.5ml