Isomil 400gm x 1tin

Isomil, a Soy based formular, is nature’s nutritional treasure, especially for individuals who cannot tolerate cow’s milk. It contains important nutrients similar to cow’s milk including protein, calcium, B vitamins, iron and zinc.On the other hand, unlike cow’s milk, Isomil is very low in saturated fat and is cholesterol-free. Isomil is an excellent and natural source of important nutrients which are essential for a growth and overall health.Populations with diets high in soy protein and low in animal protein have been documented to have lower risks of prostate and breast cancers than other populations.3 Increasing dietary whole soy protein has also been shown to lower total cholesterol levels, low-density lipoproteins, and triglycerides.3 Animal studies have also shown that soy supplementation improves spatial memory. It is well known that soy provides a complete source of high quality dietary protein. Unlike most plant proteins, soy contains all the essential amino acids needed in our diet.2 This is why it is commonly consumed by vegetarians as well as children and adults who cannot tolerate animal protein
Generic Name Soya Protein
Supplier Abott
Package Type Tin