Glibenclamide in Daonil tablets controls blood glucose (sugar) primarily by acting directly on the beta cells, which are the insulin-producing cells of pancreatic islet tissue, to increase their sensitivity to glucose and to stimulate the cells to produce and release more insulin. Insulin is normally produced in response to food and increased blood glucose levels and it controls postprandial (after eating) blood glucose levels (glycaemic control). In diabetes, resistance to insulin results in loss of glycaemic control. Glibenclamide in Daonil tablets helps the body to produce sufficient insulin to maintain normal blood glucose levels after a meal as well as between meals and is effective for up to 24 hours. It is thought that as well as acting as an insulin secretagogue (stimulates insulin secretion) glibenclamide in Daonil tablets also acts on insulin-responsive cells in the liver, muscle and fat cells to increase the number of receptors, which means that insulin control of glucose production by the liver and uptake of insulin into peripheral tissues for energy and storage, is more efficient.
Generic Name Glibenclamide
Supplier Unique Pharmaceuticals Limited
Package Type Tablet
Package Size 100pills