Pricing, Payment, and Promotions Policy


Medsaf always strives to provide our customers with the best prices. Medication prices in Nigeria fluctuate a lot because they rely on so many external factors (foreign exchange rates, availability in the country, importation issues, etc) and so sometimes our pricing is affected.

We’re constantly getting data on new medication prices and updating what you see on our website, but occasionally we have to charge customers a different price than what is on our website.

The alternate prices may be more or less than what is displayed on the product website page.

Prices are not negotiable.


In order for us to provide great service and the best quality medication to all our customers, all payments are due on delivery.

We accept payments in the following forms: cash, cheque, POS, or bank transfer. All customers can use up to two methods of payment for one order.

First orders with Medsaf are payment upon product review. This means you pay and then we deliver your product to your facility. We have partnerships with financial services companies and manufacturers to offer you credit terms over time. Customers that order from us often and make all their payments on time get access to our financing partners so they can continue to be a loyal Medsaf customers while enjoying more flexible payment terms.


All promotions are subject to change and availability.