Tetryzoline, a sympathomimetic agent closely related to naphazoline, causes a contraction of the conjunctival arterioles through an alpha adrenergic stimulation thereby reducing the inflammatory irritation and swelling of the conjunctiva. Tetryzoline may lead to a slight reduction in the intraocular pressure. Antazoline, the antiallergic active substance contained in Spersallerg, competitively blocks the H1-receptors in the effector cells. This reduces the effects caused by the histamine which is released into the tissue, such as increased permeability and dilatation of the capillaries, contraction of the smooth musculature, formation of oedema, itching and lacrimation.
Generic Name Antazoline HCl , Tetryzoline HCl, Methylhydroxypropylcellulose, Benzalkonium
Supplier Novartis
Package Type Drop
Package Size 10ml